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1912\1924 start. My great-grandfather beninn the wine trading opening a little wine shop. 4 generation ago.!

The sons Angelo (my grandfather) and Carlo introcude the machine to bottle wine in bottle,flask and flagon. The wone shop grewup and many wine are bottled, from sicily, Piedmont and Apulia special.

'60 ages, my father Antonio support my grandfather in wine trade, they start to built the new cellar and wineshop.

1994 Complete my study and my military service, i support my father in our wine trade. In 1999 we decide to built a new wine shop to expose the bottle for the choise of our costumer. We decide to built a mountain chalet, in wood, for a relax room and for a good temperature. Since January 2013 Andrea is president of Vinarius (italian wineshop association www.vinarius.it).



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